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Spring trampoline bounce bed with Protective net

Starbright Special Needs

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This item helps issues with

Aggression / Agitation / Focus / Sensory / Fine Motor 

Product Description

Trampoline and Autism: Trampolining provide endless benefits for children with autism.

This common tool for exercise is growing in popularity in special education programmes. Trampolines are a great way to improve motor skills. This form of exercise provides children with early muscle growth, strengths bones and encourages regular fitness.

Research has shown that children and adults with autism find it difficult to control their actions, but jumping on a trampoline integrates their actions into one simple movement.

A trampoline can be used to relieve some of those hidden feelings and release energy in a positive way. 

Product Specs

Model Number: TX-7105A
Brand Name: PGM
Style: Protective Net Equipped
Size: 55 inch
Max support: 100kg (Full adult size)
Material: Stainless steel +imported PP Jump cloth
Support ages: at least 3 years old and ideal for teenagers and adults
Height: 180cm
ground clearance: 36CM
Diameter: 140cm
Springs number: 48 pieces
Steel pipe thickness: 1.0mm