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About Us

Who we are

 Starbright Tree is a community-oriented online store providing value-added products and services whose aim is to help improve Autism awareness in Southeast Asia in our own special way. We started small yet inspired largely from our own humbling experience dealing with autism in the family.

Most children with autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders is often marred by social isolation and stigma. And their numbers are increasing.

Through our store, together with our partners, we select and offer our products to help professional educators and parents alike in providing better educational tools that is curated for easy access online. We are here to help create a better society who understands that all people with autism are special and have their unique ways to communicate their minds and affections.

As we continue to grow as an entity, we maintain our founding principle as an online brand to come to for support, encouragement and reliable information and mindful always of our business values.

Our Mission

To provide proven and safe products and value-added online services so that special needs people every where can have brighter life any where.

Our Vision

 To become a leading brand that inspires people to create a better society who not only  value the brilliant minds that speak but also special hearts that listen.