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Choosing Your Payment Mode and Currency

We accept payment in your local currency when you shop from your home country.

Our default currency is in US dollars but you can always have the option of changing to your preferred local currency. Just look for the currency flag icon located on top right-hand side our Menu pages. Click to drag down and select your country's flag currency. 

Our automatic payment system uses the best foreign exchange rate (FOREX) for your currency at the time of your purchases as per applicable official bank rates so you do not have to worry about hidden bank surplus charges.

Currently, we accept payments in currencies of several Southeast countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia) but will soon cover more regions as we update our payment gateway system.

All international customers are welcome to purchase with convenience of payment in US dollars as of the moment.

Customers may choose their preferred mode of payment.

Most local buyers prefer to use their local bank debit cards to avoid additional usage fees and other charges by the credit card companies.

We accept major credit cards worldwide like Visa, MasterCard & American Express through Paypal payment gateway. If you already have Paypal account, we recommend it as a better payment option.

Paypal is a fast, convenient and secure payment method with added buyer protection as stated in their website here. If you do not have yet an account with Paypal, it is still possible to use their online payment services as guest customer while still enjoy the same buyer protection programs.

We simplified the payment procedure in this step-by-step guide for our customers' easy shopping experience with our store.