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Smart Hand-Held Sewing Tool

Smart Hand-Held Sewing Tool

Starbright Tree

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This item helps issues with

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Product Description

Craft hobbies like sewing or stitching, are not only perfect activity for the entire family but are also one way to stimulate or soothe people with autism or ADHD. When properly guided and motivated, such hobby may provide them a new channel for their natural gift of creativity. 

 This hand-held tool is battery-operated and is small enough to fit in the palm of the hand, for great control, safe and easy operation.

For parents and caretakers, this can be used as either sewing machine when you need a quick solution for simple on the spot jobs like repairs and alterations and/or as a personal hobby tool for making simple hand-crafted stitches.

Product Specs

Age Range: > 18 yrs. old (or use only with supervision)

Feed Mechanism: Manual
Weight: About 300grams

Main Material: Premium Plastic (Body) with some small metal parts.

Color: White

Battery: AA size X 4 pcs. X AA 1.5V (not included)

Gadget Size (L)X(W)X(H): 20cm X 3cm X 6.5cm 


Package included: 1Pcs Portable Sewing Machine + 1Pcs Needle + 3Pc Sewing Thread + 1Pcs Sewing Threader + 2Pcs Bobbins 


Warning: Small and pointed parts, Adult supervision is necessary